Ald. Joe McMenamin: Rail agreement with IDOT seriously flawed May. 10, 2016

The State Journal-Register
Letter to the Editor

Mayor Jim Langfelder and the City Council should have held out for a better agreement between the city and Illinois Department of Transportation regarding relocating rail traffic off the Third Street tracks instead of voting passage on April 26. Here are some of the problems with the agreement: Read More

Alderman McMenamin discusses City budgets and pensions

2/23/2016 – Joey McLaughlin and Ward 7 Ald. Joe McMenamin talk city budget and pensions on WTAX’s podcast Morning Newswatch – Length: 5:37

Ald McMenamin Speaks on the City Pension Problem – Feb. 2014


Joe’s Focus as Ward 7 Alderman

  • Refocus City government priorities to strengthen neighborhoods.
  • Reinstate the city residency requirement for all new City hires including all new police hires.
  • Strengthen and enforce ordinances related to vacant, neglected, and “boarded” buildings.
  • Establish a long-term sewer improvement and financing plan for neighborhoods.
  • End municipal pension abuses.
  • Add sidewalk and/or improved shoulders along parts of Old Jacksonville Road west of Washington Park.
  • Stabilize CWLP Finances
building weeds before Campaign Announcement at K-Mart November 14, 2010

Former K-Mart Building Nov. 2010 – Now Hy-Vee Site

My Pledge to Ward 7 Voters

  • I will work hard and be a full time public servant/watchdog on the City Council.
  • I will actively serve Ward 7 constituents, and be available in person, by phone, and by email.

Joe McMenamin